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As parents, we can never get enough knowledge and information on how to best deal with and raise our children.

We have collected a vast number of experts and resources to help you in a variety of areas that come up as parents.

Whether it be how to deal with bullies, how to get your children to eat right, how to teach children more responsibility, how to sleep through the night, how to save money for your child's college fund or how to help children make friends, you'll find your answer here.  

More Articles!

Best Tip for a Great Father's Day - The title says it all.   My Favorite Mom-to-Be Look
Booster Seat Basics   Pregnancy No Nos
Boy-Chasing on the Playground   Preschooler Behaviour: Who's the Boss? - Some preschoolers learn to manipulate their parents feelings to get out of doing as they're told. Here's what to do.
Bribery Vs.Reinforcement - Parents are right. Bribery does not work. However, reinforcement does. Here's the difference...   Ready, Set, Go Wild
But He's an Angel at Home - Does your child get into trouble at daycare or school, yet is good at home? Consider this...   Riding Rules for Tots & Teens
Check Ingredients Before Blending - If you are a separated parent who is seriously dating, consider these points to ease your children's adjustment before marriage or cohabiting   Sanity Tips for Eating Out With the Kids
Check the Pulse Before Pulling the Plug - Divorce doesn't have to be inevitable. There may still be some life in the marriage.   Sibling issues when one has special needs: Am I my brother’s keeper?  How do you support siblings whose brother or sister many have special needs?
Child Safety Seats Get Safer   The Difference Between Self-Esteem And Self Righteousness - So what's the difference? Check it Out...
Choose How You Parent - Remembering how you were raised can help you make choices with how you raise your kids.   The Importance of Routines
Dating Do's & Don'ts   The GrandDaddy of All New Years Resolutions - All others pale next to this one...
Depression: Youth, Counselling and Antidepressants - As if parents didn't have enough to worry about if their teen was depressed, now they have to worry about the effects of medication. This articles discusses the role of medication and counseling in treating depression.   The Impact of Formative Experiences - As we learn, so shall we do... but not necessarily.

The Seven Golden Rules - Tips to remember from an expert

Do You Have a Wholesome Family? This article summarizes a survey to define a wholesome family and offers tips to become one.   Think your Teen Needs Counseling? Exasperated parents of teens see counselling as a way to help. However, parents are advised to meet with the counsellor first. Here's why.
Driving by Example   Thinking of an Affair? Then Think again  - This article describes the impact of affairs on loved ones and offers practical advice before having an affair.
Finding Joy in Your Children - Managing children means more than control or discipline. It includes joy. This article describes the use of joy to rekindle or maximize parent-child relationships.   What's a Kid To Do When Parents Hate Each Other?
Good Teens Start With Good Beans - Growing up kids to become good teens is like making coffee. Here's how it works...   When Dads Away
Guiding Principle - Follow this advise and lead a life of feeling good.   When Little Kids Curse
Hitting Hurts.  So Does Exposure to it as a Kid - Exposure to domestic violence is harmful to children. This article explains...   When Mom Has a Temper Tantrum
Is Your 8 - 10 Year Old Boy/Girl Crazy? - Want to know what to do?   Will Your Kids Be Of “Good Character”?  Learn the two secrets to raising kids of "good character".
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