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Old 09-14-2007, 01:52 PM
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Default Funniest Thing My Kid Did....

Share a funny moment from your child's life that kept you laughing.
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Old 09-14-2007, 02:06 PM
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This is more of what my child said, not did. My youngest son had been playing videogames for a good while, longer than I usually allow him to. He came into the living room and told me he was thirsty. While I was fixing his juice, I told him "It's time for you to turn the game off for a little while". He asked me why. I told him "Because your brain needs to rest". He had a funny look on his face, but said "Ok". He sat down for about 5 minutes and drank his juice up and then looked at me and said "Momma, can my brain play again, just for a little while?" I thought it was hilarious!
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Old 09-21-2007, 01:54 AM
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My 3-yo son loves firetrucks! He even wants to BE a firetruck when he grows up. yep, not a fireman....a firetruck! His favorite color is firetruck! But his 3rd word ever spoken (right after "dada" and "more") was Helicopter: "hehcoppa!" That still makes me chuckle.

My 5-yo also has high aspirations in the career department. He wants to be a bus driver when he grows up.
SAHM to 2 boys, ages 6 and 4
expecting our girl in December 2008
Military Wife
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Old 10-04-2007, 03:30 AM
Anna M Glenn Anna M Glenn is offline
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My Dad called to wish my oldest a hapy birthday. He would talk between the 6 year old (who was turning 7) and the 2 year old. He wasn't sure who he was talking to at one point so he decided to quiz them to see. He said, "How old are you?" My daughter answers "I'm 6". My Dad was more confused because he thought he was talking to the 2 year old but the answer didn't match. So he says, "How old will Destiny be tomorrow? His question was answered, "Probably 8" I was rolling so hard and my poor dad was confused- I explained that the 2 year old had answered him- we all had a big laugh.
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Old 10-04-2007, 11:10 AM
mscindy mscindy is offline
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Default funny, funny!

The funniest thing my kid did...

I can't think of specifics right now. He's actually pretty funny all of the time.
He got sent to the principals office for telling a kid NOT to call girls "hot, ***y, babes." He told the prinicpal, "I call my MOM "sAxy"!!(HE goes to a Christian school-I am the Daycare director there too. Oh-was this supposed to be the most EMBARRASING thing?)
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Old 10-15-2007, 03:02 AM
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Default Everytime she says....

"I'm okay" we laugh about this. We went to see Bear in the Big Blue House. Well she was jumping in the seat and fell forward and hit the wall in front of her. She immediately jumped and said "I'm okay". My sister and I couldn't help but laugh because for one thing she was okay and for another the way she bounced up and said it. Now everytime she falls or something she jumps up and says "I'm okay" and me and my sister laugh. She has even got my niece saying it when she falls down.
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