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My 4 year old was recently prescribed glasses. No one has made fun of him at all and he's happy to wear them. Without the glasses he has 20/45 vision so he really does need them to see, no question.

My husband and I both wear glasses as do our two oldest children, my father and 2 of my BILs. I think that helped with our youngest being so accepting of the idea.

I didn't tell him that some people might tease him, I think it would have made him a little nervous about wearing them. Does your school have a zero tolerance bully policy? It's sad to think kids at such a tender age would pick on one another. I guess I lead a naive, sheltered life in our small community.....

I hope it goes well for him. Please keep us posted!
Rhonda, mom to Terrence, Hope, Hannah, Olivia, Jack and Max
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