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Lightbulb Glass Ball Halloween Ornaments


Glass ornaments
Acrylic Paint: passion, pumpkin, black, leaf green
Jones Tones Dimensional Paint: black, pearl green, red
Glow in the dark paint
Water based varnish
Masking Tape
Ribbon orange, purple, black
Shrink plastic
Scraps of black and orange felt


Clean ornaments first. Use glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol inside and out, wipe with a paper towel to dry. Be sure the inside is dry if you put paint in it.
You can pour paint inside and roll around to cover completely then place open end in a paper cup to drip out excess paint. Alternatively, you can sponge 2 or 3 coats of paint on the outside. After features are painted on, these will need a coat of water based varnish.

The caps can be painted if you like to match the ball. The paint on this will not stick as well, so handle carefully. They do look better painted! After the caps are replaced, tie a bow around just below the cap using appropriate color of ribbon.

Cat - black ball:

Cut larger ear from black felt and smaller piece from orange felt.Glue orange pieces to black pieces. Use the black dimensional paint for glue. Paint on eyes, mouth, nose, whiskers. Let dry. You can add glow in the dark on eyes and teeth. Attach ears with black dimensional paint. Let dry.

Spider - purple ball:

Cut legs from shrink plastic. Paint purple to match ball, 2 or 3 coats to cover. Use black dimensional paint for mouth, nose and eyes. Fill eyes with glow in the dark paint. Let dry. Use black dimensional paint to glue legs on. Use masking tape to hold while drying.

Bat - black ball:

Cut wings from shrink plastic. Paint same color as ball on one side. Use dimensional paint to outline the other side. Let dry. Use the green pearl to make the eyes, nose, mouth and teeth. Fill eyes and teeth with white or glow in the dark paint. Use shiny red for pupils and drops of blood below teeth. Let dry. Use Dimensional black paint to glue wings in place with outlined side to the front, hold till dry with masking tape.
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