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Thumbs up It works, great idea!


I am now a grammy and my baby has 3 babies. I did what you are doing but a little different. Every xmas my boys had to go thru their toys and pick out some that they didn't play with or didn't like anymore BUT it could not be broken and they had to donate some before Santa came, because that is what Santa wanted. It really works and today my "men " are very giving and do alot of donating and helping in the community. I don't know if that help that way but it sure kept the toy box under more control and some other kids who did not have much got something. They could only give in good condition too so that it meant something, plus they had to get rid of broken ones while we were at it. I actually do that for my self if I buy some new clothes for every piece I buy one has to go out in its place. Good for clutter. So I just wanted to give you cudo's on your idea and let you know from experience It really works.

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