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Default I agree!

Magic erasers have saved my life on a number of occaisions. My husband is in the Marines and we live in base housing. Anything wrong and we pay dearly from our pocketbook for it. Not to mention, we are in a brand new house. It works for everything. I can get marks off of the counters, cabinets, walls, floors, sinks, appliances, that without it, just doesn't look as if I cleaned it at all. It makes everything look brand new again, and with a lot less effort than anything else I have found. It fixes my pots and pans when they get those awful brown spots on the bottom from the gas stove and grease. It makes stainless steel look brand new, it helps with the spots on the top of the stove around the burners that just won't come off with anything else. If there is a small scratch on the counter, it makes it "disappear". It also helps with the white cabinets and appliances making them look new again. It is by far my favorite cleaning supply that I have ever found.
Julie Hankerson
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