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Default Halloween Crafts Post #2

Cat and Ghost Streamers

This is an easy project and looks really cute hanging where a slight breeze might blow the streamers.
Parental supervision is recommended.

This project is rated AVERAGE to do.

What You Need:

Metal Cat or Ghost hanging bell
Black or White fabric
Pinking Shears
Hot glue gun
Ribbon, wide width
Ribbon, narrow width

How To Make It:

Cut streamers out of the fabric about 2 inches wide and twice as long as you want the length.
Hot glue the middle of one streamer on the bottom of the Cat or Ghost bell.
Take another streamer and turn the streamer so that it forms a cross when the streamers overlap on the bottom of the bell. Hot glue in place.
Repeat for remaining streamers.
Take a piece of the wide ribbon and gather all the streamers together below the bell and tie a bow.
Take a piece of the narrow ribbon and tie a bow above the other bow, optional.
If desired, run a piece of narrow ribbon through the hole at the top of the bell, and knot.
Hang and enjoy.


Cereal Box Gravestones

Have fun decorating your yard with this craft!

Adult supervision is recommended with the use of a hot glue gun.

This project is rated VERY EASY to do.

What You Need:

Black and white tempera paint
3 cups for mixing paint
Assorted-size cereal boxes
2 sponges
Thick black permanent marker

How To Make It:

Mix paints to make a light gray, medium gray, and dark gray.
Paint boxes with two to three coats of medium gray. Let dry.
Use the sponges to dab on the light and dark gray paint to give gravestones a mottled look. Let dry.
Write names and dates with marker. Such as: Dracula died here 1768-1842, etc.
HINT: Fill Ziploc plastic bags with sand or rocks and place inside boxes to keep them from blowing over. Stand them in mounds of dirt or sand.


Make sure you bring in the boxes if it is going to rain!

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