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floridagal 06-15-2010 08:52 PM

Kick the Can
Kind of like a combination of tag and hide and seek.

One person is designated as "it" and they have a metal can (or use a kickball if you want to do that instead). They place the can in an open space in the middle of the yard. The rest of the players run off and hide while "It" covers their eyes and counts to 20. "It" then tries to find and tag each of the players. Yet they are protecting the can, so no one can kick it so they kind of have to stick close to home.

Any player who is tagged is sent to the jail, which is basically an area to the side for all the captured players to stand. Any player who has not been caught can "kick the can". If they can kick it without being caught, then all of the captured players are set free.

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