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tweetytreatiam 03-26-2007 08:01 AM

Young Children & Glasses.....HELP Please!
Hi. I just took all 3 of my boys(8,6,& 4 yrs) to the Eye Dr Saturday. Both my husband and I wear glasses, as does/did both sets of grandparents. I decided it was time to get them checked, knowing there was a good chance the boys ended up with our poor sight.

Let me tell ya, my 8 yr old threw such a fit about even the THOUGHT of having to wear glasses! And he just never gets upset like this, and I mean NEVER!! I was embarrased by the way he acted waiting for his appt. & I explained to him that this was just a check-up & didn't mean that he HAD to get glasses. (The assistant and the Dr both witnessed his attitude & distress at the idea of possibly needing glasses).

Well, my 8 yr old has 20/25 vision. The Dr said normally he would prescribe a pair of glasses just for use in reading the board, etc for school. But since "L" had been so adamant about NOT wanting glasses, the Dr had decided to just let it slide for a year.:confused: I'm still not sure I am okay with that, but I guess time will tell.

My 6 yr old has great vision. Lucky him and I hope it continues.:)

My 4 yr old wasn't as lucky. He has astigmatism and the Dr ordered a pair of glasses for him. Now, he witnessed his brothers attitude towards the idea of wearing glasses(This mom was NOT impressed by big brother's actions. LOL).
But "K" didn't hold any reservations about picking out a pair of frames for his new glasses. I did what I thought was best, and put my own preference aside and let "K" pick out his very own frames. (After all, he will be the one wearing them). He picked out a pair of blue frames & they will be ready by the end of the week.

Having said that, I am a nervous wreck! I remember the horror that I went through in school when I first started wearing glasses. Four-eyes, blind-as-a-bat, etc etc. I am very concerned about how the other children will react to "K" having to wear glasses. (These will need to be worn all the time).

I'd love to hear from other moms that have dealt with this situation. I'd like to be able to prepare "K" about the possibility of others teasing him, etc., yet reinforce that wearing glasses is perfectly acceptable and that many kids do wear them.(I don't recall if any other preschoolers in his class wear them).

I just know how cruel kids can be, and I am feeling like if he is teased, that the ultimate blame will be on me. My logical side says : He needs them to see and do well in school. My personal memory says: Why are you putting your 4 yr old son through this already? :(

Rhonda67 03-28-2007 01:00 PM

My 4 year old was recently prescribed glasses. No one has made fun of him at all and he's happy to wear them. Without the glasses he has 20/45 vision so he really does need them to see, no question.

My husband and I both wear glasses as do our two oldest children, my father and 2 of my BILs. I think that helped with our youngest being so accepting of the idea.

I didn't tell him that some people might tease him, I think it would have made him a little nervous about wearing them. Does your school have a zero tolerance bully policy? It's sad to think kids at such a tender age would pick on one another. I guess I lead a naive, sheltered life in our small community.....

I hope it goes well for him. Please keep us posted!

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