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LadyDi59 02-15-2007 11:04 AM

Painted Sneakers
This is a great way to use up scraps, teach your young 'uns new crafts, and help your 'tweens and teens express their own sense of style! I bought four pair of canvas sneakers and gathered my basket of "odds&ends" and spent the day with my girls -- daughter, 14-yr-old granddaughter, and 9-mo-old great-grandbaby (she watched and offered encouragement and hints! :) ). We had a great time! Each of us (baby included) have a pair of "designer" sneakers... :) Enjoy!
What You Need:
Canvas tennis shoes
Permanent acrylic fabric paints
Small artists' paintbrushes (fabric brushes work best)
Narrow double-sided ribbon for laces
4 jingle bells
...and/or anything else your heart desires! Let your creativity free! :D

Remove the shoelaces and set aside. Using a hard lead pencil, draw large geometric patterns onto the shoes. Use the stitching lines of the shoes as design lines as much as possible.

Paint the main sections of the shoes in the desired colors, letting one section dry before painting an adjacent section. (The paint is dry to the touch in about an hour.) If necessary, apply a second coat of paint.

After the paint dries, add hearts, swirls, dots, and other accents. Let the paint dry overnight.

Cut the ribbon the same length as the shoelaces. Lace the shoes with the ribbon. Tie a small jingle bell at the end of each ribbon lace.

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