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mommymare 03-26-2007 06:29 PM

Recent DVD release-Blood Diamond
Very rarely do we find a family-friendly movie, let-alone a movie my hubby and I can watch and not get embarrassed.

Last week we rented Blood Diamond with Leo DiCaprio. Now, this IS an adult movie that includes foul language and violence/cruelty towards women and children, BUT the message FAR surpasses these elements.
Moms, get a box of tissues and get ready to be angry!

This movie has changed the way my husband and I view what is going on in Africa. We have also decided to auction off the few diamonds we own to send the money to relief in these areas.

Rent this DVD, make sure the kids are totally asleep and pay attention.

I further investigated what is claimed in this movie and apparently, from my findings, it is just about accurate-as this was told from a true story.

You will never want another diamond in your life!

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