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Cynthia Robin 03-20-2007 04:05 PM

An Oldie...but a Goodie!
I have to admit, my all-time favorite movie is Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the original)!!! Just the excitement and anticipation over who would win one of the 7 lucky golden tickets, the work that Charlie put in to earn the money to buy the candy bar, and then the thrill when he won, and chose Grandpa to go with him just gives me goosebumps, still!

Of course, there's also the fantasy of the river of chocolate, the lessons to be learned from the fate of the various children's different misdeeds, and the elevator that flies. Oh, yes, this is still my all time favorite movie! I haven't seen the new one, as I hate to think they came even close to what the original was, but I'm sure someday I'll see it, too.

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