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tweetytreatiam 07-26-2007 02:06 AM

Goin' On A Bear Hunt! (Action Song)
One person leads, the rest of the group repeats each line after (slap hands on thighs like walking)

Goin' on a bear hunt
Gonna catch a big oneI'm not afraid (shake head no)
What's that up ahead (shade eyes with hand, look around)
A field:

Can't go around it,
Can't go under it,
Can't go over it
Gotta go through it (rub hands together)

A lake (swimming motion)

A mud puddle (cup hands together, suction sound)

A tree (climbing motion)

A cave (raching out in the dark)

What's this?
It has a nose
It's a bear!

run away, through actions backward
Out of the cave (you can see)
A tree ( climbing motion)
A mud puddle ( suction hands, move fast)
A lake (swimming motion)
A field (rub hands together)

We're home
I'm not afraid!

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