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jhankerson10 09-07-2006 06:20 PM

Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft
NOTE: make this without the spout for a little Miss Muffet version or with the spout for the Itsy Bitsy Spider

MATERIALS: Cardboard tube (gift wrap or paper towel)
egg carton cup (the part that one egg goes into)
piece of cardboard or a 3 1/4 inch diskette (temporary use)

INSTRUCTIONS: Cover the tube in tinfoil and tape on to make your spout

Make a yarn pom pom: wrap yarn around the diskette or piece of cardboard about 30 times.
Slide off and tie in the center
snip loop ends

apply glue LIBERALLY all over the egg carton cup and drape the yarn pom pom over top. press down firmly
let dry completely

Make legs: accordion fold two 1/2 inch x 8 inch strips of black construction paper to make a leg.
tape it to the egg carton cup
do this 7 more times (we ran out of energy after 4 legs, so made 4 accordion legs and 4 braided wool legs!)

Glue a face on your spider. We just used snippets of white paper and a black marker

Tie a piece of wool that is 2 1/2 times the length of the water spout onto the spider.

Put the wool through the spout. The child can pull the end of the wool to make the spider climb up the OUTSIDE of the water spout and let go of the wool so the spider falls down (when the rain washes the spider out).

You can attach a craft stick or a straw to the end of the wool the child holds onto as a handle if you like.

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