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MomofNoah 08-03-2006 10:53 AM

Great idea for first day of school
With school about to start I remembered what my sons kindergarten teacher did for him and thought it might be a great idea for some parents. On the first day of school my sons class read The Kissing Hand. I'm sorry I don't know who it is by. On the second day of school my son got up and said mommy you need to kiss my hand and I need to kiss yours. If you miss me during the day you can put your hand on your check and feel my kiss and know i miss you and I love you. That was his way too of saying the same for him. Now, when my son leaves to stay with his grandparents etc., we still use this. Hope it can help.
God Bless,

Phyll 08-10-2006 01:49 AM

My daughters' kindergarten teacher did this too. They also had the parents go into the classroom the first day. One of our girls traced my hand and I traced hers. The other girl traced daddy's hand and he traced hers. Then all of our paper hands got cut out and little hearts glued in the middle plus our names were printed on them. The girls put our hands in a special place and we took their hands home. If they got to missing us or something, they could go to our hands and spend some time with them and it helped them make it through the day. It was great! Oh, we also all sat around the teacher while she read the story to us.

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