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Home / Jokes / April 16th - 23rd, 2002 /

Kid Jokes N Riddles
submitted April 16 - 23, 2002

- -> What do you get when you have a bird, a car and a dog?        A flying carpet
Jennifer  Age 5
- -> Why did the dog go sit in the shade?        Because he didn't want to be a "hot-dog"!
- -> What animal has more lives than a cat ?      A croaks ever night.
- -> How does Star Wars Luke Skywalker call for Yoda?      Yoda-lay-he-who!
Carissa Age 9
- ->

Why can't Snow White ever get her house work done?   
Because she is always sleeping.

- -> What did one mushroom say to the other?      I'm a fungi (fun guy)
Trinity Age 5
- -> There were two blonds. One was on one side of the railroad and one on the other side.  One called to the other, "HEY HOW DO YOU GET TO THE OTHER SIDE"?
The other one says "DUH YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE"!!!!!
- -> What do frogs drink?        Croak a cola
James Age 9
- -> What is a giraffe after one year?        A two year old giraffe.
Evelyn May  Age 5
- -> What club does a pig join?      Boy Snouts!
What do you call a tired toilet?     Pooped!
MJ  Age 10
- -> How do spiders communicate?        Thru a WEBSITE
Knock Knock
Whose there?
Panther who?
Panther no panth I'm going swimming!!
Evan Age 3

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