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Default Feelin' the crunch!

Yes, our family has been affected by the current economic situation. I lost my job of 21years last year just before Thanksgiving. My husband and I do not have health insurance, but the kids are on a statewide health plan, thank goodness. We have had to watch spending as much as possible. I am currently a full time student living on unemployment and what my husband makes in his computer repair shop. We have 5 kids in school and it has been really tight at times since his income fluctuates so much. I have to watch for sales at the grocery and plan meals according to what is on sale and sometimes that isn't easy. We are cutting back for Christmas this year also. I plan to make some of the gifts for family members. So far we are doing okay but bills keep going up and we keep trying to find ways to cut back here and there. We didn't turn on the central air this summer instead we bought box fans for all the rooms and that is what we used. So far we have not had the furnace on, we are using small ceramic heaters in each room. I hope it gets better soon.
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