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Wink Frugal Sock Drawer Sachetís

Frugal Sock Drawer Sachetís

Mmmm, sock monster struck again? Now, something to do with ďthatĒ sock. Itíll make a great sock drawer sachet.

One sock that has lost itís mate
Coordinating ribbon
Potpourri or dried lavender

Open the sock and using a spoon, spoon in the potpourri working it down into the toe of the sock. Fill almost to the top or until you run out of potpourri (lol). Secure the top with the rubber band, and then tie ribbon around then rubber band. No more smelly sock drawer.

Optional: Try decorating your sock. Have fun with it.
For boys & girls, you can take a sport sock or a pink frilly sock and personalize it by writing their names on it.

Thanks for stopping and happy crafting!

Karen Armacost
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