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I have several. LOL But the one I thought of first:
My first baby was 2 months old. He was very colicky, and also wanted to eat EVERY hour. Which meant I never got any sleep. I felt like I was going crazy! We lived in military housing, and there was something wrong with our kitchen faucet, so we called the repairman. When he came to the door, I was in the middle of nursing my son, so I had to pop him off and arrange myself and answer the door, baby on my hip. The repairman came in, repaired the sink, and left. After I shut the door, I realized that my shirt had been hitched UP above my left breast, the entire time!!! Luckily, I was wearing a bra, but I was so embarrassed, I told my DH that I never wanted the repair people to come again when he wasn't there! LOL
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