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Default life is sucking right about now

We have been greatly affected by the economy. I do a lot of volunteer work, and have upped it because it is more cost effective for me to volunteer in my 4yr olds class rather than drive back and forth. We are a single income family and I will not be able to afford to go back to work until our youngest is in school full day. The cost of child care alone makes it not worth it to go to work... all my money would go into childcare. My husbands job has recently come into consideration for closure... he works at a prison. We don't do much family related activities outside of the house as we live pretty far from everything and the gas alone was making it harder to afford.(we are holding our breath for how long the prices will stay down) Due to the gas prices and me having to drive my 4 yr old 15 miles each way to school, we have really gotten behind in the bills, with no relief in sight, it seems to be pretty grim. When my husband got out of the Marines last year, they charged us 12,000 dollars because we were over our weight for our household shipment and it looks like we wont see relief from our tax return for at least 3 yrs. Life just keeps getting better...not! (got a letter from lawyers... federal govt is now coming after us for it)(we really cant afford to lose anything else... guess the internet goes off... and cable we hadnt had in several years goes too...and long distance....and the list goes on, and on...)

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