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Exclamation Dad And Child Matching T-shirts

What You Need

T-shirts in appropriate sizes for both father and child
Crayons or markers for child to draw picture with
White paper
Local photocopy center (see tips for alternative method)
Fabric paint in colors to match child's picture
Straight pins

How To Make It

Have your child draw a picture, any size, of anything he or she wishes to draw for his or her Dad.
Go to your local photocopy center and enlarge or minimize the child's drawing so it will fit on a father's shirt and also for the size of your child's shirt. By making a matching shirt for your child, you can surprise them too.
After copying your child's picture, draw around (using heavy pressure) the general outline of the copied picture on the back side (use a window if needed to see through the paper), sized for the father, with a pencil.
Put the picture face down on the father's shirt.
Color the entire back of the picture with a pencil while it is still in place on the shirt. You may want to pin the picture to the shirt so it doesn't move around while you are coloring.
Unpin the picture from the shirt. You should have a lightly transferred copy of your child's picture on the father's shirt in pencil.
Use fabric paint and paint in the picture on the father's shirt using the same colors your child used.
After copying your child's picture, draw around the general outline of the copied picture, sized for the child, with a pencil.
Put the picture face down on the child's shirt.
Transfer and paint the shirt just like you did on the father's shirt.
Wrap up the two shirts and have your child present it to his or her father. Your child can even make his or her own wrapping paper.


You can use a printer, scanner, and t-shirt transfers to create the shirts. I think it looks more "child-like" when done with paints. If you still want it to look "child-like", you could use the t-shirt transfer just to transfer the "lines" onto the shirt to make it easier to paint.
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