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At the Elementary school where I work and volunteer, uniforms were voted in last year. This school is in the poor side of town and we never get publicity unless there is a shooting in the park behind our school. So to make a long story short, our parents voted in uniforms last year because they felt it would make our students feel unique and raise their self esteem. We are the only school in Springfield City Schools that wears them! Anyway, the kids like them and are so proud to come in and no one makes fun of them anymore. They can wear whatever shoes they want except no open toes for safety purposes. Parents say it is great because the uniforms are cheaper than clothes and there is no arguing from the kids on what they are going to wear the next day LOL...

At the beginning of the year, we took donations from businesses and individuals and we bought every child that was in need, 2 uniforms a piece! It worked out so well that we already have contributors for this coming school year.

Debby in Ohio
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