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I have two step-daughters. I try to be a good role model for them, as does their dad, and bio-mom and step-father. The people that are around them the most are naturally going to be role models.

These days, they are affected so much by the people that they see on TV, whether good or bad. I try to make sure whatever they watch is a good influence over them, and if there are 'stars' that they look up to, we discuss them, and their good or bad qualities. I am disturbed that their bio-mom allows them to watch programs that their father and I do not feel are 'good' for them. But what can we do, she has custody of them *sigh*

People that I think are good influences: Oprah, because she is a strong woman, even if she is a different race. The only thing that bothers me is that she lives with Stedman, and even though they are in a loving relationship, they are living together without being married.

Other good role models:
Julia Roberts
Diane Sawyer
Robin Roberts
Clint Eastwood
Chuck Norris
Matthew McConaughey
Kelly Ripa

There are others, but these immediately come to mind.
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