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Default Price Matching At Walmart saves big bucks

i love shopping at walmart, especially since they will match competitor sale adds. you simply make your weekly grocery list from your local sale adds and take them to walmart and do your shopping there. as you fill your shopping cart sort the regular priced items at the front of the cart and put the "price match" items at the back of the cart. when you get to the checkout, tell the cashier "i have price matching". unload your basket w/ the regular items first and make a space and put the sale items up last. this gives you time to unload your cart w/ out worrying about the price match. when the cashier gets to the price matched items tell them the name of the store and the price. carry your adds with you just in case they want to see them. walmart will match a store up to 50 miles from them. they will not match another walmart or sams club. if the sale item is store brand or generic they will match the sams choice or great value for it. this takes practice but it saves me a ton of money at the store... the plus is that you can use manufacturer coupons on top of the price match. good luck!
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