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That sounds like a really neat class! My oldest daughter (just turned 4) started a ballet class called "Tiny Tutus" this past Spring. I had checked into other programs but found that most were really strict with the kids and yelled at them all the time when their form wasn't perfect. I didn't feel that was necessary with preschoolers... it seems to me that at that age, it should be more about having fun than about getting it perfect. The teacher she ended up with is absolutely incredible... she's so great with kids. The children are having so much fun in the class that they don't even realize they're learning! I think that her approach is far more likely to lead to a lifelong love of dance in these kids than the heavy-handed approach would.

ANYWHO, enough rambling. What I really wanted to say was that that combo class sounds fabulous! I wish I could find something like that around here. I bet both my girls would love it!

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