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Default light bulb santa

Materials Needed:
Light Bulb
Thin Ribbon
Red Child's Sock
White, Curly Chenille Stem
1-Inch, White Pom-pom
White Chenille Stem
Small, Pink Pom-pom

Paint the light bulb with flesh-colored paint. You don't need to paint the neck (the part that goes into the light socket). Let the paint dry completely.
Tie a piece of thin ribbon, about 10 - 12 inches long, securely around the neck of the light bulb. Add a few drops of glue to secure the ribbon. This will be the hanger for your ornament.

Now you will make santa's hat. Cut off the top of the red sock, you will want about 6 inches to work with. Slide it over the neck of the light bulb; and make sure the ribbon comes out through the top. Pull the edge of the sock down the lightbulbed to the desired spot.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the top edge of the sock just above the end of the light bulb. Tie it into a knot and trim off any long ends. Glue the pom-pom on the top edge of the hat to hide the ribbon you tied it with. Secure the bottom edge of the sock onto the light bulb with a few drops of glue.

Make Santa's beard using the curly, white chenille stem. Glue it in place; start from one edge of the hat, go around the bulb, and end at the other edge of the hat. Cover the tips of the beard by gluing on the white chenille stem around the bottom edge of the hat.

To complete your Santa ornament, paint on some eyes, and glue on the pink pom-pom to be his nose.

have fun!
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