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Smile My kids reply!

I asked my 11 year old son and he said, "watching us,cooking,keeping the house clean and babysitting."

My 7 year old son said,"cooking and babysitting."

My 18 year old daughter said," dealing with attitude from kids and helping them try to do the right things in life and make the good choices."
She also said,"Dad works outside of the home.Mom takes care of the
house,babysits, homeschools,gives advice and is there with a listening ear of concern and compassion.
My daughter is finding out what it is like to have bills to pay,work and try to get through the day.
Even if I am sick or have a migrane,I have to press on and do my job as a mom (taking care of the whole household).

They have to share me with a 4 year old boy and a 9 month old baby boy, that I babysit. They have been wonderful about it,but it can be confusing with me home schooling them too. We get by wonderfully! We give God the praise for all he does for us and allows us to have in life,without God in our life we have nothing. May God Bless You All! Thanks!
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