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Default Christmas Cookies

Oh my goodness if anyone has any traditions, they're probably about making Christmas cookies. When my Mom was still alive my sisters, the ones that lived in state, would go to my Mom's house and we'd all have a blast making all our family favorites. We'd be singing along to old 33-1/3 albums of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney and other Christmas Albums while making a huge mess in the kitchen. Some of our favorite cookies were nut horns, spritzes, chocolate chip, bow ties with powdered sugar, sugar cookies, pie cookies, thumbprints and others. It was great how for a few hours we all got along and had a great time making something that tasted so good! I miss those days and my Mom dearly!

Fortunately, I have two wonderful children and I can recreate those memories with them......makes me cry every year when we make cookies just like my Mom and sisters used to, but even amongst the tears the good times & memories make me smile.

Isn't it wonderful how a holiday can bring a family together, even if it is for just one day!


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