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Default Holiday Traditions in My Family

At this time of year it is awesome how we all have our own family traditions.

Months ahead of time my family saves milk containers. You know, the large white ones that are kind of transluscent. Then a few days before Christmas Eve we sit around our fireplace cutting the milk jugs to make them into luminaries. The kids have a blast filling each of them with either kitty litter or sand and then votive candles. We play christmas carols or watch christmas movies while we're doing this.

The night of Christmas Eve just as it starts to get dark, we set out our 50 or so luminaries along the driveway and sidewalk and light all the votive candles. Its so pretty. What I really love is that we do all this, then we head off to church around 7:30 and the luminaries are all still lit when we get home.....its really quite beautiful!

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