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Red face Frugal Craft Shopping

Frugal Craft Shopping

My mom has always told me when I would go shopping with her; I could smell a clearance rack a mile away… I’ve always been a thrill to find something in the clearance section marked way down.

It’s amazing the things you can do when you look at them in a different light.

For instance, an empty coffee can be turned into a luminary. Or an old jelly jar can be a candle container! Who would have thought!

I have a few frugal crafty shopping tips!

1. Make a crafter’s ‘to do” list.

2. Try and organize your crafts according to what season/occasion you’re working on close by. That way you don’t have to keep running back and forth.

3. Because crafters tend to buy ahead of time…plan ahead. Think of your next project, or occasion’s.

4. When shopping at craft stores, discount stores etc… go straight to the clearance section first, then look at the sale items. But you have to be careful (and I quote my husband) “Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale”. You can wind up spending a lot of money on stuff you may never use.

5. The internet is a great source for crafting materials too. There are tons and tons of fantastic ideas, free projects, free samples too.

6. Some stores throw perfectly good stuff away in the garbage receptacles in the parking lot. For example;damaged items, out of season, out dated displays. But be sure to go into the store and ask the store manager first, some cities or towns may call it stealing without permission.

7. Rummage stores like Salvation Army have also a great craft source .

8. Don’t throw away that old flannel shirt, you can always use that fabric and buttons too.

9. If you work, check out some of the stuff that is thrown a way. I worked at one place where they were thowing away heavy binders because they were cleaning house.

10. And, oh my goodness, Garage sales!! You can find tons of stuff. My Mom always has a bag if stuff for me from her weekly excursions.

Thanks for stopping and happy crafting!
Karen Armacost

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