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Default My grandmas cake....

My grandmother wasn't a very huggy lovey person, but we knew she loved us anyway. One of the ways she knew how to show her love for us was through her cooking. Grandmas house always smelled of something delicious cooking or baking in the country kitchen. One of my favorite things was her homemade chocolate birthday cake with 7 minute frosting and sprinkles. It was always picture perfect on that cake plate. The fluffy white frosting with little peaks, the colorful sprinkles all over and the rich, moist devils food chocolate you knew was just under the surface.

Watching my mother cook, I never knew that cakes could be made from scratch until I was about 9. My mother was a house wife and mother of the 50s/60s, she had no choice but to use a mix. The age of convenience..... My mother can also hold her own in the kitchen, btw.

My grandfather would make the ice cream in the electric ice cream maker. It was, and still is (I have his recipe) THE best ice cream in the whole world.

The vanilla ice cream, coupled with the chocolate birthday cake and the farm fresh milk was complete heaven in your mouth.

I'd give anything for one more day with my grandparents.
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