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Default office/grunt worker

I work part time for HDAmerica, we are a buying group for heavy duty truck parts... no we don't have the parts in our office, we do the paper work..There are 5 guys.. Pres,VP,Director of Sales,Marketing guys(2) and 2 computer guys. There are 10 girls in the office, 9 of them input invoices and lil' me puts them together, mails them out daily and file them away. I also make copies etc...Some days there could be thousands of invoices.. After 10 yrs the ol wrists, shoulders are starting to ache

The best thing about my job ... it's a family run company...I work part time and can take off when ever I need to .. vacations,kids school stuff.. etc..and they have a 401k for me! Yes, I contribute so it's nice that they do this,oh and we are casual all the time... some days we have wear slippers to work day!


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