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babygyrl70554 07-29-2007 07:06 PM

The Computer Ate My Homework
1: This time it's not the pigmies
who raided our whole street.
It's not the cops who ransacked just my room.
It wasn't those five bullies
who dragged me by my feet.
It's not that mummy looking for his tomb.

2: This time it's not those pirates
that made me walk the plank
while all my homework sank into the sea.
For sure, it's not the aliens
that kept me in a tank
while they performed all sorts of tests on me.

The computer ate my homework.
Can't blame it on the dog.
Can't blame it on the things that happen around my house.
The computer ate my homework.
It's not my fault at all.
I can't be held responsible for a little mouse.

3: This time the mouse went crazy
after my term paper's done
and wouldn't let me save it to Drive C.
And then I get an error sign:
"can't find LPT1".
My printer's gone on strike to challenge me.

Yes, those things really happened
just like I'd said they did.
But I've always been prepared for every test
and every class assignment like any normal kid.
But I can't help it if my life is stressed.

4: This time it's not those bikers
that made me drink that beer.
It's not my secret work for the FBI.
It's not my Grandma dying
for the seventh time this year
or that my fever rose 'til I almost fried.

I swear, I swear I typed it, all neat & double-spaced.
But then my hard-drive crashed & killed my RAM.
But I had saved an early draft onto a floppy disk.
& here's what's left after that disk hit the fan.

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