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mypooky 09-07-2006 03:20 PM

Marbled Paper Craft
Marbled Paper Craft

Turn a regular old brown paper grocery sack into something special!

Great idea for kids and parents to try together.

What You will Need:

* 5 Pints ( 10 cups) Cold Water
* Shallow Baking Pan
* Oil Paints (your choice of color)
* Turpentine
* Brown Wrapping Paper or paper bags

Place water into shallow pan and mix oil paints with a bit of turpentine to the consistency of thick cream. Drop a few drops of color into the pan.
If the color sinks ( it is too thick) thin with a little more turpentine. If the color spreads (it is too thin) add a little more paint. When the right thickness is achieved drop large spots of color one at a time onto the solution.

With a spoon or a stick or other utensil (even combs) swirl into patterns .
Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the size of the pan.

Hold opposite corners of the paper and lower on to the solution. Lift the paper carefully and place right side up on a stack of newspaper to dry or you can hang on clothes line once it stops dripping.

Use this paper to decorate greeting cards, scrapbooks and so much more.

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