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girly2005 08-04-2006 11:10 AM

Holiday Pretzels(easy)
1 bag of long pretzels sticks HEB has them as RODS, they are cheaper but then you have to buy two bags for everyone Snyder’s (pretzel brand) bag because the HEB brand breaks easily

1 bag of candy melts you can find that in any craft section of like Wal-Mart (by the wedding and baby shower section) you can usually find during each holiday like Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day

1 container of sprinkles also found in the craft section which also goes by holiday, but I have come to find that CVS has there section and they have the same container but cheaper.

Parchment paper really good for clean up!!

Room in the freezer!! (You will read below and find out)

Ok, so you have the ingredients now the fun starts….

Have everything in like an assembly line metal trays w/ the parchment paper already rolled out, it makes it easy.

Heat up the candy melts, read the back of the package I think it is like only 1 min or a little longer. It gets hot fast so watch out. Get a fork and mix it up and they will melt up while doing so. (hint: put the candy melts in a little container that can have the pretzels to fit in and you can spin it around)

Once the candy melts are melted you grab a pretzel and you tilt the bowl so that you can spin the pretzel and get the chocolate on it to about ¾ of the the way.

That is when you shake the sprinkles on and then you lay on the paper, once you have a good amount in a line you put it in the freezer for about a couple of mins.

It is good to have someone help you, while you do the spinning of the pretzel someone else can sprinkle and put on the paper. Fun to make with your kids...

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