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Cynthia Robin 02-14-2007 02:16 PM

An Indoor Bean Bag Toss
With the weather being so nasty outside in many areas of the country, one thing I like to do with the children is an Old Fashioned Bean Bag Toss - indoors!

It's simple to make the bean bags...just take a couple of squares of fabric, stitch around all 4 sides, leaving about a 2" opening, and fill with whatever dried beans you have handy (even unpopped popcorn will work!). Stitch the opening closed, and you have a bean bag! Make as many as needed, using bright, vibrant colors and/or prints.

Gather up your old plastic bowls (I like to use the plastic tubs butter and sour cream and such come in), and set them in whatever area is open enough that any *stray* bean bags don't knock over any valuables. Assign points to each bowl (I use permanent marker for this, and reuse the bowls, keeping them stored with the bean bags), and play away!

It's nice to have little prizes for everyone, with the *grand prize* going to the winner. I pick up party favors at the $1 store, and keep them just for game prizes, storing them in a *Treasure Chest* made out of cardboard (it used to be a donut box), and painted to look authentic. Party favors, stickers, pencils, small boxes of crayons, etc. all make good prizes!

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