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mypooky 09-04-2006 10:42 PM

Crayon Candles
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Crayon Candles

Create splashes of color in your homemade candle.

What You Need

White wax
Glass jars
Wax boil bags
Old broken crayons
Pencil or Chops Sticks

How To Make It

1. Use clear jars that are generally laying about the house.
2. Pickles and jelly jars are excellent for this type of project.
3. You can try those boil bags, wicks, and wax at a local craft store.
4. Gather all your broken crayons and separate them into color schemes.
5. I used a sharp knife that worked much better.

The hard part of this project was getting the wicks to stand up straight while we poured the wax.
Here's a trick, tape the wick to a pencil or a chop stick (if you have one) and lay that on top of the jar.
If the wick is not straight, the candle will not burn well.

6. After the jars are ready, melt the white wax in a boil bag.
7. Pour the wax, a little at a time, add the broken crayons to the mix.
8. Since the wax is hot, the crayons melt, and the effect is very artistic!
9. Once the jar is full, top it off with a handful of some interesting color. The hot wax caused the colors to "run" into the candles.

Thanks for stopping and happy crafting!
Karen Armacost

Rhonda67 03-07-2007 01:46 PM

This sounds like a ton of fun! I've had some wax from candles that didn't melt all the way and I want to reuse it. This is a good way to use it.

akagoddess 06-21-2007 01:11 AM

great idea
:) great project for persons with disablities! thanks for this info!:p

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