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Lori 01-31-2007 12:09 PM

Here is a worry that I hear from lots of little kids that I work with....
I work with kids ages 3 through 9 and I've had a lot of kids mainly around the age of 5 say that a certain parent has to work all the time and believe it or not these kids worry about that parent. I think if you are a parent that has to work a lot you should ask your children what their views are on the situation and explain to them why you have to work so much and also assure them that the child still means very much to you and try to set aside some one on one time for them.

diamond42377 03-07-2007 09:46 AM

Wow, that's a good observation. I noticed my daughter seems a little sad sometimes when I get ready to log on to work in my home office. At times, she goes off saying "Mommy's working, she can't play now. Later okay." That really breaks my heart. I work from home to be able to be with them during the day and not have to waste valuable time in transit. I have to sometimes force myself to go work. As mothers, we know there is a balance we have to keep and it is not always easy. It's like a choice that we can work to provide for our families and be there for them as much as possible
Be there for our children all the time and struggle financially or get govt assistance.

I see many women that choose the latter. I choose to work from home to try to balance better. Nowadays it's a lot harder to live on one income so lots of women have to balance.

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