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glitterbelle 07-30-2006 08:36 PM

Baseball signups and tryout/evaluation are coming up in august for my 7 year old son. This will be his second year playing. He has also played basketball, soccer, flag football, tennis, and swimming. Do any of your kids play baseball? How much does it cost to signup where you live? What does the league provide and what do you have to buy? Do you have to work the conscession(sp?) stand and how do you do it if you have other young children? Do they have night or weekend games? How many practices a week?

neneelynn 08-01-2006 01:41 PM

we have baseball leagues here. The 7 and 10 year old it costs around 50 dollars for the summer. We have a buyout for the concession stands. You pay 25 dollars per child if you do not want or have time to work a concession stand. we take turns buying refreshments for the games so the boys will have something to drink. our games are about 2 nights aweek and sometimes 3 and most have been in the evening. Our 4 year old played tball and it was 25.00 and played golf same reate at a local child's center and this coming week he starts soccer for the same price. We had all three boys in swimming for the month of June every day Monday through Friday for 30 minute classes and that cost us about 200.00 I think was the cost.I figured if I can keep them active and learning that as they get older they will know what they want to play sports wise. The swimming I feel will always benefit them as they are older. Well this year we have the 10 year old who wants to try wrestling . Oh and we had sent the 2 older to basketball camp for one week that cost us absolutely nothing as one of the local churches has an ex basketball player that runs this every year and teaches thde boys to play basketball and they have a ball!!

glitterbelle 08-02-2006 08:27 PM

wow what good deals you have in your area

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