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maleahsmom 01-30-2007 05:54 PM

Make up is one of the best things for people these days. Everyone is so concerned about am I pretty enough, do I look to fat in this, what shoes you where with what outfit... all because we are worried about what OTHER people think of us. I have to admit, I am just like that. I am always comparing myself to other women around me, always make sure I look decent when I go out, my main thing thought is my make-up! I can't go anywhere without my make-up. I don't feel awake if I have left my house with out "my face". I am not by far ugly but I still do it, because... you never know who is looking your way. In a way I wish Make-up had never been invented, but then... I would have to face the real me everyday in the mirror... WE ALL NEED TO SAY FORGET IT!!! I AM ME..... FAT, THIN, PRETTY, UGLY, SHORT, TALL, ACNE OR NONE, SMART OR NOT... AND IF YOU DONT' LIKE ME FOR ME... THERE IS THE DOOR!!!!!!

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