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jeremimom 01-31-2007 03:32 AM

So how's your year going?
Just thought I would see how other's were doing so far this year? We are pretty much on track for the year, but have had several weeks of "whole family" illnesses happen the past 2 months.. I am SO tired of this flu, but I figure my kids are probably LESS ill than if they attended PS.. :)

mommymare 04-03-2008 01:40 PM

Had a slow down and thought I would chime in here. We started to HS after 21 days in 1st grade public school. We were asked if my son had been tested for ADHD!
Anywho, Tuesday we hit 100 days of home schooling! I think I have it pretty easy as my oldest is still in public school at 7th grade.
Our time is going great! I simply love home schooling!

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